Weeg 24 (original counter: 114) (24/03/2021)

Not doing very much related to the project during this time either. I have been very much concerned with something that is published indirectly with the editor. However, I don't want to anticipate too much about this little project, so here goes: I have done something indirectly, as well as made a few small changes to the LF2 engine.

Weeg 23 (original counter: 108) (10/02/2021)

In this period also not much happened - and very technical once again - sorry! I added unit tests (only as a project, (almost) none written), did a binding test, added documentation, changed/imported something to the engine etc..

Weeg 22 (?) (original counter: 104) (13/01/2021)

In fact, this entry comes almost half a year later. According to my version attitude I have done nothing. I can't really imagine it, but maybe it's true :thinking:

In any case, I've been working to get my own GitLab instance up and running. I.e. I will continue to use Git as a version control tool in the future, but no longer Gitea or some crap like that.

This is simply because I now have an issue board where I can write down my to-dos, appropriate to the project. Furthermore I can do DevOps and build pipelines from now on. These "pipelines" are not functions for the end user, but they make it easier for me later on to automatically upload a new version, create documentation or check my code to increase the code quality and therefore the readability. This is extremely important for later work. This will (hopefully) also allow me to find my way around my large project in the future and add new features more easily.

About the project: As mentioned in the blog post before I started to write or rewrite the project in C#. I copied and translated parts of the VB.NET engine, as well as adding the constants.

Weeg 21 (original counter: 68) (04/05/2020)

Attention: this "blog" focuses on the structure of the project such as programming language etc. So this weekly contains many programming stuff.

It is the start of the 21. development week. After a lot of stuff, isolation stuff etc. I got new motivation and an idea to work on the editor. STM93 has start the work on his project again and DSanimations streams the creation of a new LF2 animation - IT'S TIME! I have the idea to work each day one or two hours in the evening. In addition, I have a completely stupid idea... During the translation of MangaD's libswf library from C into C#, I worked the first time "real" with C#. Currently, my editor is written in VB.NET, so I will start to rewrite my editor... in C#. Though it will not be a 1:1 translation. I learned a lot of software development in the last weeks, so I want implement MVC patters, unit tests and so on.