Weeg 4 (13/02/2019)

I solved the CPU problem from last report! Now it needs 2-4% CPU, in additional, I should say that the official version doesn't run with 30 fps, so I think the new CPU value is good. I add icons with animation but I'm not convince about the design, so it just a template but at the end I will forget to change xD The easy and extend Background-Animation-Layer-Editor is finish. To put in a nutshell: 95% of the Background-Editor are finish. That is the reason, why I have starting to work on the Character-Studio. I wanted start with the Stage-Editor, until I found out that I need a character view xD I started with the rewriting of the engine because I use other input style. The basic of the engine is finished and at the moment I learn a few "advanced" basic DC things, so that I can implement a few more stuff. At this point a lot of thanks to STM for his knowledge, Leaf for his exe and Some1Lse for the real time DC editor - very useful ^^ Today I show the amount of files of this project - it is my biggest project to date (a few images and old classes included, but I wonder how many code I will have at the end). The rest of the this week, I'm a little bit busy with a simulation for a client.

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Weeg 3 (06/02/2019)

Yesterday, after a few days of loss of motivation, I got fun to finish the Background Editor - or nearly. I created the layer view and it is clickable etc. the view is definitely more stable and nicer. In the evening/today I found out that the new background editors need more CPU than the old official version?! So I tried to fix that and found out a buggy docking while zooming... Bug fixed, CPU is crap still. I hope Visual Studio can help me with its features. I don't want betray too much about the user interface, why I don't show images/gifs but today it is an exception.

Btw, in the week I worked also on my/STM's Data-Editor and on my Animation Studio.

PPS: While the writing I remind me that "old documentation is boring", I will write my next report in the present, I guess.


Old (not publish) version:
Rewrote Update

New Version:
New Version

Editing of animation:
Animation Editor

Weeg 2 (31/01/2019)

After the update of the Data-Editor, I worked on the Background-Editor. I finished the modern style, added zBoundary (graphical), added border top, added "Tools", added moving with key arrows. Also I optimized the zooming, old methode ignores the scrollfactor (layer -> width property). Then I worked on Data-Editor again... Yesterday I added that the whole animation is selected via mouse.

To clarify, I should explain that I worked over one year at an update. But since few months I use a library for a better user interface and I decided to create a library for others developments. That is the reason, why I compare my data with old stuff (old post).

At the moment, I'm uncertain with view of layers by the background editor...

Weeg 1 (23/01/2019)

I have realized that my old method to load images was very bad. Its needs a lot of RAM and I found out, that the new method its a little bit faster. You can see at the end a screenshot of the values. I restructured the project. Nearly all classes, interfaces, enums got a new name. Furthermore, I have decided that my LF2 classes get no editor properties. I differentiate between "original" LF2 classes and classes for my editor. Neverless, all my editor classes inherit of original classes. I see the advantage within, that people can use my library for a lot of stuff. They can use the original classes to write an own editor or something like that or they use my gui and they can add features. After one day and lot of despair, I created a better preview of the background editor. I "modernised" the scrollbars and colors, but I changed already today xD In addition, its really easy for developers to use my background-editor preview. It needs just two controls and 35 lines code. The biggest added feature is "just" multi selecting but it's also very useful.

Occasionally, I work at Easier Data-Editor. I'm not 100% satisfied with the character view but I want copy it and use for the character studio, so its "okay" to work at it. Also I work at an update of an application which runs at my home server.

(loading time + total RAM (of the program) of 101 bandit_0 files + average value) (left old; right new method)
all time specification in milliseconds

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