Weeg 20 (original counter: 59) (04/03/2020)

I have publish a new version of the data-editor. The editor supports languages now!

Howsoever I worked further on the linking editor. Inside of "Animation Editing" it shows the keys which are using to reach another animation (Firen, Inferno-Stop for example) now. Unfortunately, I'm not really satisfied about the icons because they need a lot of spaces and just a string looks not really nice and it is not really understandable. I implemented as well the function to create frames from sprites and add these to the animation.

But I work also on the "real" character editor, on the engine clone. That is not more possible but...


... the immunity of fire is not really implement yet because I must know more about fire... So it is possible that Firen make a ball and the burning enemy can damage Firen.

Oh yes and I implement some hardcoded IDs properties. I didn't want to that but else someone will say: WHY XYZ IS WRONG...

AND AND AND: I worked on this blog website because

A-Man: [...] I find it horrible, not just from a sentimental point of view, but also from a practical one: Any artwork/mods/fan-games/engines/..etc showcased on Discord does not get properly archived. So even if you go there now, you can try scrolling up in the channels, you'd find something cool but sandwiched between lots of hodgepodge. And when you do find something cool, good luck on finding fragments of updates in the chat logs (if there are any).

Weeg 19 (original counter: 58) (26/03/2020)

This weeks I understood the sense of the Collection class. So I replaced a few properties of type List or ListWithEvents (own class) to the Collection. But the real function of these classes are not implement yet. I hope that it help me that I will not forget in the future.

I worked also on the character editor (the visual part / linking).

Character Editor - Linking

Weeg 18 (original counter: 56) (12/02/2020)

FREE TIME! After a long time I have time to work on the editor finally!
I wrote more documentation comments for the public library and also encapsulation.

Weeg 17 (original counter: 46) (04/12/2019)

(I wrote this post two months later...)

Obvious I did few code changes (add an enum) and check few LF2 engine stuff. Not really worth mentioning.

Git, Commit