Weeg 16 (original counter: 40) (23/10/2019)

A little sign of life on my side. I did and do some "analog" projects. Planning an update of my archive website and so on. While my semester I'm busy, so the editor does not make really progress. Nevertheless, I tested a documentation tool and started the documentation of this project. On the weekend I found a performance fail. Monday I destroyed the project. Yesterday I restored it from a backup and today I rewriting the lost code...

// I have fewer words than STM with his daily ideas/discuss/notes

Weeg 12 (original counter: 30) (14/08/2019)

After the working on the LF2 engine I dared a view on the GUI. I haven't seen the GUI since few months and still I'm really satisfied. I'm self-critical about my programming, so I thought that I want renew the GUI after I seen it. But nope! I found few more things about the Background-Viewer and changed. Also I restructured the background class... I dont't know why but I linked the "Draw Options" with the background class that means the Background-Viewer and the Stage-Editor would be share the view (note to me: MAKE A SYNC FOR DRAW-ORDER; so it is possible that the user can edit the background and the user sees the changes also in the Stage-Editor). To time, I work on different things. I wanted start with the Character-Editor-GUI. Although I started to swap out the Character-Viewer to the library and added the option to set a background. This feature I will use for the Stage-Editor. In short: the main GUI for the Stage-Editor should already finish, although I don't have really start to develop xD. It is essential that I work on the animated controls now. The library is not really stable because that was my first time develop while "Design-Time" (preview in the IDE without debugging). But the Character-Editor-GUI will get one of this not-yet-implementation control. So that this point is in the focus now.

The next week comes no report because I'm not home. So perhaps a useful report comes in three weeks.

Weeg 11 (original counter: 29) (09/08/2019)

"Knee-jerk reaction" I decided to change all not necessary integers to short. In heavy heavy heavy case, it can save to 4 MB RAM (400 Frames with 5 Itrs, 5 Bodies, 1 B/C/O/W-Point makes 100 integers (in my case) for one character. Extrapolation for 50 characters = 8 MB). Perhaps not really important but why not. Perhaps someone opens D.R.LF2 or something like that... Mostly, I worked on the particles analysis. But I have also add arest and vrest. I'm really sure that it is not finish but at the moment I don't have really fun to analyse what happens in LF if one itr has arest and vrest. If it makes a different when a frame has two itrs - one with arest, one with vrest - and lot of more questions... MangaD recommend to me to make a translatable GUI, so I searched also a few solutions and one idea is in my mind. Yesterday and today I change a few GUI controls of the Background Viewer. Fixed two small bugs. At the moment I must tidy up a little bit the project, because I have three differences scrollboxes etc. Plan: inheritance.

Weeg 10 (original counter: 28) (31/07/2019)

After a few desperations, I found out that my adoption was wrong and my friction and rounding was already right. Only the friction factor was wrong. Also I found out that the 1/3 factor is apply after a friction is already add. Yesterday I changed also the completly friction of y. Still it looks right but I will do more tests. Furthermore, I finished the implementation of CPoint after 3 or 4 days >.> (I thought I need only 1 day). But I'm really satisfied. I didn't work on the burn thing but on the Data-Editor for one day and add a very special feature. In addition, I worked on an own basic Cheat-Engine (thx to STM again, CE is very very useful tool). In the next days I want add the weapons and the little bit more interactions as well as effects. But I'm really sure that I will ask very very basic question about itrs in dc-questions :D