Weeg 9 (original counter: 27) (25/07/2019)

The GUI of "Frame Linking Diagram" gets more details and features. Design redesigned, remove and add of linking, better behavior of the linking-arrows and merge of the frame groups: standing+walking+defend (best idea ever, thanks STM!). Furthermore, I added to my engine the exactly rounding behavior of LF2. Unfortunately, the friction is not right because I have problem to find out LF2 friction. I remind me that are should be .865 pixels but it doesn't work with LF2 data (in my opinion). The last two days I worked on a generator to create of burn/fire sprites. It was already planned after the "Frozen Sprite Generator". The sprites goes in the right way but there are not perfect and it is difficult to find the exact shade. So I try to finish it in the next days. At the moment I have not really fun to work on the LF2 engine :p

Weeg 8 (original counter: 19) (02/06/2019)

I rewrote a lot of stuff regarding the Character-Editor. Realizing of old-shitty-stuff and that the friction is a little more difficult, because I need more knowledge about the implementation of position and rounding in LF... (perhaps I will ask in dc questions). Also I did some tests, about linking frames (I shown some gifs here). The overview GUI is finish for starters. More interesting is the build up of "inside of an animation". While my data work, my Data-Editor annoied me with two bugs, why I have finally update it. Btw I installed in April an auto version increaser. I started my LF-Editor since April about 700 times to debug (and I had a big break)... Programmers need a lot of time to debug/test their code. Hopefully it will is noticeable and the editor has no (or just few) bugs.

(Here the gifs:) Linking Test #1 Linking Test #2 Linking Test #3

Weeg 7 (original counter: 18) (26/05/2019)

(Since the first report 18 weeks and work on something the 7th week)

After few months of break, I work occasionally on my Easier-LF-Editor. I learned something about abstract classes and added a few, so that the code is better now. At the moment I restructure again the code a little bit. The goal is a consistent code for a better understanding for developer. Also I tested a Code-To-ClassDiagram-Generator. A few classes will remove still but could be very interesting a compare, if the project "finish". And I got an idea for a visual editing of characters movement - I try a test to the next report Class Diagram 1 Class Diagram 2

Still, I must work on an update for the Data-Editor. So that STM can work again with it.

Unfortunately, I realized now, that my exams start directly after the lecture-time, so I don't have time in the next weeks :/

Weeg 5 (20/02/2019)

I worked on the GUI and Background-Editor. The Background-Editor is completed to 99,9%!!!!!!! I implemented a load method which I had in my mind and I save already about 100ms while starting of 12 backgrounds. Furthermore, I'm in contact with RazenBrenday for a better style of the icons. I renamed also a few namespaces and start to constant the code. (Un)fortunately, I'm not home in the next weeks, something like holidays. So I will work on my Data-Editor, perhaps also on basics but I guess, it is not worth for a report.

Background Preview